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7 Signs You Need To Invest In A Virtual Assistant (and how it will change your life!)

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

You often hear people wishing they had more time to relax, follow their passions or expand their business. Instead of wishing, create the time you need by hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA).

Virtual Assistants are the digital solution to the fast past world we live and work in. But what do they actually do? The answer is almost anything! Including;

Social Media Management

Office administration

Data collection and entry

Internet research

Financial Services

Almost every entrepreneur and business owner has considered or has hired a virtual assistant at some point. Be on the lookout for these 7 signs that you might need a virtual assistant in your life.

You spend more time on administrative tasks than the business itself

Every job has admin and sadly there’s no way to escape it… or is there? Your virtual assistant can respond to emails, send out invoices, place orders, make travel arrangements and organise meetings which will allow you much needed time to dedicate to other areas of your business.

You're big on vision but short on follow-through

You’re full of ideas and grand plans! The only problem is you start projects but never manage to see them through. If time management, organisation and administrative jobs kill that creative spirit of yours, a virtual assistant will help you thrive.

You don’t have the budget for a permanent employee

It doesn't matter how hard you work there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day! Help would be great but you’re hesitant to hire a full time or even part-time employee because you don’t have the budget for it. Consider hiring a virtual assistant instead. You can get all the benefits of help, pay only for the hours you need and avoid the financial burden of a permanent employee.

Your business needs skills you don't have

We can’t be experts at everything! Unless copywriting, finance and social media management are what your business specialises in, these tasks shouldn’t be taking up a significant amount of your time. Virtual assistants have specific focus areas based on their skill set, allowing you to hire one with the expertise you require.

What do you mean work-life balance?

When you become fondly known as the workaholic of the family and your friends have forgotten what you look like, it’s time to prioritise some time for yourself. Life is short and while running a successful business is a great achievement you don't want everything else to pass you by. Get your virtual assistant to book the first holiday you've had in years before they tackle your ever-growing to-do list!

When you’re turning down clients

The biggest sign that you are in need of a virtual assistant is when you are turning down new clients because you can't keep up with your current workload. Delegate your regular administrative work to a virtual assistant which will free up valuable time you could be

spending on growing your business further.

Your business is a hot mess

You’ve got too many tabs open and you can't work out where the music is coming from! You’re missing deadlines, using your time inefficiently and that to-do list just keeps getting longer. When you don’t have time to be strategic in your business planning because all of your time is being spent putting out spot fires, a virtual assistant can help you get back on track.

At the end of the day what do have to lose in hiring a virtual assistant? And think of the gains not only to your business but to your happiness and wellbeing! Need some more convincing? Head over Zeit Virtual Assistant and experience first-hand how a virtual assistant can save you time and money!

Written by Rachel Watkins

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