• Tayla Koenigsmann

Is Social Media taking over your life? And what you can do to change it...

With almost eight in 10 people now using social media (SM), this equates to 79% of the Australian Population!   

Of course, after a long hard day at work or taking care of kids you just want some me time. I know I do. However, these days people are becoming more aware of how much time they are dedicating to refreshing their feed. With Anxiety, Depression and Self-Esteem affecting more people each and every day - it's time we start making more of a conscious effort to change how much time we spend finding the right filter for our weekly photo upload.

Most commonly, more than a third of people access their accounts more than five times per day. A classic selfie is the most popular upload with the second prize going to a photo of food. But why do we constantly feel the need to check up on our friends accounts, and watch and read so much content?

The statistics have proven that we feel better about ourselves when uploading a photo (regardless of what it may be), and of course it does boost our confidence. After all, it takes a lot of courage for some people to be uploading something. But then come the likes and comments, and the anxiety we feel as to how many double-taps❤️we receive. This was of course prior to the recent update Instagram enforced. But still - now we worry even more that other's cannot see how popular we really are! WHY OH WHY is this such an emotional rollercoaster.

Well, for someone in the highest and most common statistical brackets - I am setting myself a challenge, and I encourage you all to do the same. How long can we last without our daily dose of SM, and is it really worth the fighting, guilt and social judgement from others when we are the ones sitting there on our phones the whole time we are catching up with our loved ones? I didn't think so...

So here it is. Some idea's, tips and tricks to stop the social media crusade, and ways to improve our lives and truly become happier and healthier.😎

#FOMO. Ever heard of it? Fear Of Missing Out is something we are all guilty of. Well today, it comes to an end. Change your way of thinking, and start living your life with the focus being on you - and you alone! No more scrolling through insta-models, dream vay-cays and those photo worthy cafes. Start enjoying every minute, of every day. Soon, you will start to look forward to your future - rather than other people's.

#HumpDay. Wednesday, the all glorious mid-week working day (for those working Monday to Friday). Well, rather than saving up all of your past week photo's and video's waiting for this particular day to upload. With the evening being the most popular time of day for social networking - GET. OUT. Get out of the house! 96% of the time we spend on SM, is spent at home typically in the lounge room. So rather than waiting for that peak time for the best chance of the most amount of likes 👍🏼, leave the house. Go for a walk with the dog, take the kids, take a friend, take a lover or better yet - go on your own. Build up that confidence to do things on your own and independently, whilst still giving you that me time you've been craving for. Put on some headphones and listen to a playlist or a podcast. You can even ditch the Ear Pods or Beats by Dre and listen to nature. What can be better than that!?

#love. Find someone or something to love. Whether it's your Bae (A.K.A Babe or Baby), or your cute doggo or catto (A.K.A Dog or Cat). Even a new hobby like reading, writing, painting, music, sports, babysitting, dog sitting, cat sitting, plant sitting. There are so many things you can do to take your mind off it all. Finding a hobby you love, by definition means an activity done regularly in one's leisure time for pleasure - regardless of whether you're being paid for it or not! If money is a bit tight, try looking up some free events like working out at a local park with a local personal-trainer, specific dog breed meet-ups, sewing classes at your local Spotlight - there is so many...and you just need to find one.

#tbt is most commonly known as - Throw Back Thursday. Yet another weekday excuse for an upload. But this time - we are changing things up. It shall now be known as Time Based Technology. I mean, it could be Time Based Thursday, or Tuesday, or Thing - but hopefully you get the idea. These days, technology is sooo advanced, even you iPhone tells you how much screen time you've had for the day. Facebook have now released this data too for you to view. If you up to it, have a look. It can be quite confronting at first, but at least you will have a bench mark as to where you never want to be again! Enough is enough. Stop searching for old high school friends. Stop watching endless cute animal videos. Stop looking at SM influencers on their perfect holidays, with their perfectly tanned and toned bodies. Whether you set an actual timer, or if you're game enough - DELETE THE APP! I once went 2 months without a Facebook account, and only utilised Messenger. My whole reasoning for keeping my FB account was for people who don't have my number, to contact me and vice versa. But when I found out that Messenger didn't require an active FB account - bye bye! I had to re-active my account for business purposes, but it WAS NOT MISSED. I now only have 2 games on my phone, for my nieces and nephews (Educational ones of course), and Instagram - again for business purposes. So try it. Time Limit Technology, Time Limit Tuesday, Thursday or Thing. Find what works for you, do a little bit each day or week.

Of course, Social Media is the way of the future - I am not disagreeing with that. But it does not have to consume all of your time. Life is so busy as is - but by telling people "Sorry I can't catch up - I am so busy". You're lying to them and to yourself. Of course you have time, you just need to cut back on a few simple things.

Let me know how you go with your own social media personal challenge. Keep at it - and before you know it you life IS BACK!

For more information on the current statistics on Social Media, view: https://www.sensis.com.au/about/our-reports/sensis-social-media-report

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